Restaurant Style Dining

At Crandall Medical Center, meal time provides a dining experience. From succulent meats and seafood, to farm-fresh fruits, vegetables and dairy products, rich pasta dishes, fresh salads and creative desserts Chef Holly Calvert and her staff of food service specialists at Crandall Medical Center use their culinary skills in innovative ways. People eat with their eyes first, making the appearance of the dish just as important as the taste. Food is presented daily in fresh, colorful and appetizing ways.

Our restaurant-style dining offers residents a familiar way to enjoy lunch and dinner. Employees serve as hostesses assisting with seating. Nursing assistants take orders from residents who make their choices for the meal from menus placed at every table. Don't like what's for dinner? An alternative menu of standard favorites is always available.

Food is plated, fresh and hot, from steam tables in the kitchens in each dining room area. Water, juice, tea and coffee flow throughout the meal at each resident's request. The dining staff takes great pride in providing polite and courteous service with a personal touch being attentive to each Resident's needs and preferences during the dining experience.

The kitchen is never closed at home...and it is always open at Crandall Medical Center. Residents are welcome to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea any time of the day or night. A small kitchen on each floor is stocked with snacks such as fresh fruit, bread and crackers, cold cereals, yogurt, ice cream, puddings and gelatins. Also available are an array of juices and soft drinks. Besides the coffee pot, each kitchenette is equipped with a microwave oven and toaster. The nursing staff is available to assist Residents with an afternoon snack or a late-night bite.

Besides opportunities to dine in the social setting, Crandall Medical Center offers room service for residents who prefer to eat in the privacy of their own room. We understand that some folks enjoy eating their meal while watching a favorite TV show or visiting with friends and family. Residents sometimes may simply not feel like traveling to the dining rooms every day.