Men's Group

Tune-up For Life

Herb's family was surprised when he started to grow a full beard. A businessman for 50 years, Herb had always been clean-shaven and meticulous about his appearance. When asked why he suddenly decided to grow a beard, Herb replied, "Because I don't like that old man who stares back at me in the mirror when I shave."

The idea that aging is inevitable can be a difficult concept for many men to accept. Aging from a male perspective is frequently associated with loss of vitality and physical prowess. Normal body changes related to aging require men to adopt new approaches to overall physical and mental health.

Understanding the special issues elderly men face, the Life Enrichment staff plans regular activities traditionally enjoyed by men. “Fishing trips” are planned to the wheelchair accessible docks at 5-acre Crandall Lake on the Copeland Oaks campus. Residents also have access to a putting green, shuffleboard courts, a woodworking shop and billiard room in the Beeghly Complex. And off campus, residents can enjoy pontoon boating, sporting events and attend other seasonal community events.

Veterans are honored with special observances throughout the year and Father’s Day is celebrated with special programming.