Life Enrichment

If your idea of life in a long-term care facility is to pull up a rocking chair and sit.....the Life Enrichment Program at Crandall Medical Center is not for you. Our Life Enrichment Program is designed to add joy, purpose and meaning to the lives of our residents.

We recognize that each individual is unique, as distinguished by particular habits, preferences, desires and abilities....even when they are old. Our residents are the same people they once were; they have just changed their address.

That's why our Life Enrichment Team offers activities and programs that reflect the talents, interests and personalities of the residents of Crandall Medical Center. The goal is to provide our residents opportunities for companionship, social interaction, recreation, and spiritual growth; and families with opportunities to learn and celebrate with them. We strive to eliminate from the lives of our residents the three "plagues:" boredom, loneliness and isolation.

Serving as a catalyst, the Life Enrichment Team connects Crandall residents who have similar life history, interests, hobbies, etc. to foster companionship and enjoyable social interaction. Residents themselves often form spontaneous social groups to enjoy card playing, Wii bowling, board games, crafts, movie watching, or just coffee and conversation.

The Life Enrichment Team assists Crandall residents to take advantage of the many amenities offered on the Copeland Oaks campus such as the library, chapel, bistro, and the wellness/exercise center. Crandall residents often enjoy the rural panorama of the 250-acre Copeland campus, sitting by the gardens or lake or strolling down the wide paved paths.

Planning and implementation of activities is driven by requests from residents, families, staff and volunteers. Activities are posted on a calendar available to each resident and posted in the common areas of Crandall Medical Center. The Calendar of Events is available on the web-site.

Some examples of activities are:

  • Celebrations of holidays and personal milestones
  • Monthly birthday parties
  • Musical events and sing-a-longs
  • Games to foster mental acuity
  • Outdoor activities
  • Trips and tours to community events and destinations
  • Resident discussion and reminiscence groups
  • Books delivered via the Library Cart
  • Arts and crafts
  • Religious services