Oaks Foundation

Copeland Life Care

Copeland Oaks was founded on the principles of providing dignity and security to residents for the rest of their lives. This includes providing benevolent assistance to help those who have outlived their resources, enabling all residents to maintain their Copeland Oaks lifestyle and continue receiving quality care.

Since our doors opened more than 40 years ago, no resident has ever been asked to leave Copeland Oaks/Crandall Medical Center for financial reasons. This pledge is possible through generous donations to the Copeland Life Care fund which is administered by the Oaks Foundation.

Through Copeland Life Care, our residents never need to worry about their future security.

About the Oaks Foundation

As a separate non-profit entity operating in covenant with the United Methodist Church, The Oaks Foundation encourages philanthropy and Christian stewardship for those living at Copeland Oaks and Crandall Medical Center.

Operating as the fundraising arm for Copeland Life Care, The Oaks Foundation accepts, invests and distributes contributions to benefit and meet the Copeland Life Care promise. Gifts to The Oaks Foundation may be made through individual and corporate donations, bequests, life insurance and gift annuities, trusts, and real estate. Please click here for more on giving options.

We are proud to share that some of our largest gifts to The Oaks Foundation have come from our own residents. This serves as testimony to the outstanding lifestyle and care provided at Copeland Oaks.

For questions and more information, call Lisa Gentile, Adminstrator of The Oaks Foundation and Directory of Development for Copeland Oaks, at 330-938-7405. Or visit the foundation's website at