Respite Care

Bill and Marilyn were thrilled when Bill's employer offered an opportunity for promotion which included re-locating to company headquarters in Arizona. Along with their joy over Bill's success came some concerns about how to manage the move with Bill's mother, Harriet, who had been living with the family since her diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease.

Marilyn was especially worried that the process of traveling to locate a new house, packing the family's 3 children and 2 pets, transporting across country and re-organizing in the new home would be overwhelming and confusing for Harriet.

Marilyn's worries were eased when she contacted Crandall Medical Center to arrange Respite Care Services for Harriett until the family was settled in their new Arizona home.

Through Respite Care, Crandall Medical Center provides the gift of time for caregivers. For many, the challenges of caring for a loved one are a part of daily life. Respite care provides short term breaks that relieve stress, restore energy and promote balance in the life of the caregiver.

During Respite Care, folks benefit from all of the health services and physical amenities offered at Crandall Medical Center including a private room and bathroom.

Crandall Medical Center is available to provide competent, compassionate care for your loved one while you take a needed vacation, catch up on nagging household chores or prepare for a special family event such as a wedding, birth or graduation. Or, like Bill & Marilyn, need to provide safety and security for an elder relative when the family is in transition.

Please contact Candace King, Crandall Admissions Coordinator, at 330-938-1085 for more information about Respite Care at Crandall Medical Center.