Medical Services

From the top of your head to the tips of your toes, our medical team has you covered.

Crandall Medical Center offers a comprehensive package of medical services found in few other places. The convenience of the medical care we provide is one of our greatest assets.

There is no need for you to worry about how and when you'll be able to arrange to see a doctor.

Our Medical Director, Dr. Thomas Vrable, D.O., Certified Medical Director, and his associates in Firestone Healthcare are available for consultation 24/7. Dr. Vrable, Dr. Jeffrey Cohen, D.O., CMD, Amy Moser, MSN, Certified Nurse Practitioner, and LuAnn Kraus, MSN, Certified Nurse Specialist, are in the facility almost daily visiting residents in the comfort and privacy of their own rooms for medical examination. Drs. Vrable and Cohen are on staff at Salem Community Hospital.

Also visiting Crandall residents on a regular schedule is Dr. R. Mark Shivers, M.D. of Family Medical Center of Alliance, Inc. who is Certified by the American Board of Family Practice.

Residents of Crandall Medical Center have the convenience of dental care by Dr. Thomas Davidson, DDS, at the fully equipped dental office on the campus of Copeland Oaks.

Also part of the Crandall Medical Center medical team are:

  • Podiatrists Dr. Thomas Groner and Dr. John Chiaro
  • Psychiatrist Dr. Ranga R. Thalluri, M.D.
  • Psychologist Dr. D. Kinsley, Ph.D.
  • Audiologists: Bonnie MacMahon, Regina Welsch and Brian McConnell
  • Optometrist Derek Mellot
  • Massage Therapist Marita Weidman, LMT

Ancillary medical services to care for feet, glasses, hearing aids, etc. can be provided either in the resident's room or at the Copeland Health Clinic adjacent to Crandall Medical Center. Providing as many medical services as possible within easy walking distance of Crandall residents' rooms eliminates the need for expensive, time consuming , exhausting transportation outside of the facility.