Crandall Health Education Institute

The key to high quality care in medical facilities is a staff of committed, compassionate and competent men and women at the bedside. To insure that the level of care delivered at Crandall Medical Center is the highest quality and meets or exceeds the expectations of our residents, our staff is specially trained at the Crandall Health Education Institute.

The Crandall Health Education Institute is a training facility affiliated with Copeland Oaks and Crandall Medical Center which offers educational opportunities for men and women providing care and nursing services to elderly adults in rehabilitation, skilled nursing and assisted living facilities or in personal residences.

The educational opportunities offered for health caregivers incorporate into each curriculum accepted clinical standards of care, principles of adult education and the Christian values of love compassion and human dignity.

The Crandall Health Education Institute is certified by the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) to offer the Nursing Assistant Program. The 75-hour curriculum includes 59 classroom hours and 16 clinical hours. The coursework relates to the following healthcare topics: nurse aide roles, communication, interpersonal skills, basic nursing skills, mental health, social services, legal issues, safety & security, signs & symptoms of disease, aging, death & dying, hygiene, grooming, and mobility. In addition to lecture, nursing assistant candidates have a "hands on" experience in the institute's sophisticated clinical lab.

The Crandall Health Education Institute also provides education that is current, relevant and graphic for professional nursing staff at Crandall Medical Center. The continuing education offerings at the Institute support teamwork and performance development providing supervisors with the tools to build the skills and competencies of the bedside care staff.

Many of the programs offered to Crandall Medical Center staff are approved by the Ohio Board of Nursing for continuing education (CE) credit required for licensure.

The Crandall Health Education Institute is a CPR instructional site for the American Heart Association.