Private Rooms

Life is full of transitions....When home is no longer the best place, the private rooms at Crandall Medical Center help to make the transition into communal living much easier. Having their own room allows your loved one to maintain privacy, dignity and a sense of independence. Personal care is given in the privacy of their own room to preserve dignity and self image.

Private rooms help us to preserve each resident's right to personal choice. Residents are able to maintain their familiar daily schedule of waking and sleeping. Many people are sensitive to environment, especially room temperature; some like it hot and some like it cold. Having your own room enables each person to adjust temperature for personal comfort no matter what the season.

Everyone values "quiet time" and residents can choose solitude in which to enjoy favorite TV programs, music or reading. Family members are encouraged to make each resident's room reflect their unique personality and preferences by decorating with photos, art work, collections and memorabilia that are meaningful to the resident and family. If the resident is away from the facility for a hospital stay or home visit, the room is security locked to protect their personal belongings.

Because all rooms at Crandall Medical Center are private, there is no extra charge regardless of insurance coverage.