Insider Information

Jim Menning

Father, grandfather and flooring contractor "Couldn't be better," is how Jim described the 3 weeks he spent convalescing in Crandall Medical Center after back surgery. "The staff here is top notch. When I press my call button, I know someone will come in mere minutes," he said.

He chuckled as he reported that even his special request for chocolate milk was met with a smile and accommodated. His only complaint: "The food is great, but there is just too much for me to eat."

Kathryn Carl

"Crandall got me on the right road...and that road is headed home," said Kathryn Carl after completing her rehabilitation program at Crandall Medical Center. Kathryn's daughter suggested Crandall Medical Center when doctors described Kathryn's condition after surgery at Northside Medical Center in Youngstown as "medically complicated" and recommended several weeks of rehabilitation.

"The therapy at Crandall just couldn't be better. What a positive place! The therapists knew just how to encourage me to work a little harder every day; they cheered me on every day, every step of the way," said Kathryn. "It hasn't been easy to come back after 18 days in surgical intensive care and 2 operations, but we truly did it together."

An avid reader, Kathryn made regular visits to the Copeland Oaks Campus library and enjoyed a variety of needlework projects during her leisure hours at Crandall. "After my strength returned and the risk of falling past, the nurses let me have the run of the place," chuckled Kathryn. "I appreciated the independence I had to enjoy the beautiful Copeland campus while having the nursing and therapy that I needed."

Edith Santoro

After working in doctors' offices in the Alliance area for over 30 years, Edith feels that she is well versed in local health care resources. When plans were being made to discharge Edith from Canton Mercy Hospital after a bout with pneumonia, her doctor recommended some time in rehabilitation before returning to her home in Alliance.

"Crandall was my first choice and I was so glad when a bed and private room was available." said Edith.

"The staff has been remarkable. Everyone from the nurses and nursing assistants to the therapy people and kitchen staff has been kind and friendly. They all get gold stars from me!," she commented.

When not at therapy appointments at Crandall, Edith enjoys making quilts, doing a variety of needlework and practicing tricks with her favorite canine visitor, Annie.

Sarah Crosby

When Sarah Crosby planned to have knee surgery at Alliance Community Hospital, she choose Crandall Medical Center for her rehabilitation. "They got me back on my feet, walking well and home in less than 3 weeks," said Sarah as she sat near a large photo gallery of her children and grandchildren.

"The therapists knew just what I needed and just how to help me progress each day toward my goal of going home," Sarah commented. "The physical therapists helped me with exercise to strengthen my muscles, give my new knee more flexibility and also helped me with better balance. The occupational therapists gave me several helpers like a foot lifter, reacher and stocking holder that made daily tasks easier and let me do for myself," she reported.

Now that Sarah has returned home, she plans to continue her therapy at Crandall Medical Center as an outpatient with the same skilled therapists who "know just what I need."

Roy and Jean Hein

Roy and Jean Hein agree that "personal attention" is the most important quality offered by Crandall Medical Center where they have resided since 2009. "The building here is just beautiful, but it is the personal interest and caring attitude of the staff that makes a place into a home," said Roy who retired as a landscape designer in the Columbus area.

"Breakfast in bed is the way to start the day," noted Jean who appreciates being able to set her own daily schedule. "Each staff member, especially the nursing assistants know just how I want things done and do it with a smile," added Jean.

Married for over 50 years, Roy and Jean enjoy the opportunity to remain together as a couple at Crandall while sharing a double room designed specifically for spouses needing skilled nursing care. "I feel so comfortable here with my own furniture and special things," commented Jean whose walls are decorated with framed needlework she created over the years. Jean uses her computer to keep in touch with their 4 children and family members living across the U.S. on Facebook. Roy also spends many hours "surfing the web" on his laptop computer .

"We love having access to the Copeland campus," said Roy. "The library, chapel, fitness center and lake are regular stops for us."