Continuity of Care

Continuity of care means many things to many people: transition and transformation or maintaining and sustaining.

As people age, there are many stages in life. Transitions in lifestyle are necessary due to physical changes.

We find that residents of Crandall Medical Center are the same people they always were with all of their talents, experiences, dreams, and hopes. They have just changed their address.

Determining the address where our residents will be the most comfortable, fulfilled and safe is part of the mission of the Copeland Oaks and Crandall Medical Center community. Our philosophy is simple: provide healthcare services and physical accommodations that meet the unique needs and desires of each individual in our care as they experience life's stages.

Our commitment to graceful transitions requires Copeland Oaks and Crandall Medical Center to offer levels of care that are flexible and person-centered.

Crandall Medical Center provides rehabilitation for folks recovering from surgery or acute illness. If home is not the safest environment, Assisted Living with 24-hour monitoring, meals, medicine and personal care is available on the Copeland campus. Another option on the Copeland campus is Catered Living in the Beeghly Apartment complex which provides just enough support to enable many folks to maintain independent status in a cost-effective manner. Included in the monthly rental for Beeghly Catered Living Apartments are weekly housekeeping and linen services, and meals in the Copeland Oaks dining room.

After discharge from rehabilitation in Crandall Medical Center, some folks who have experienced the caring, comfort, convenience and security of the Copeland community choose to remain on campus in an independent apartment or villa.

If needed, therapy services can be continued in assisted and catered living or in independent apartments and villas on an out-patient basis, usually under Medicare Part B benefits.

As part of a faith-based community, Crandall Medical Center is also committed to provide palliative care and hospice care to those at the end of life. Hospice care assists individuals and their loved ones to understand that cure is not possible and transition to hope for living life as fully as possible in the time remaining; even experiencing joy in the final stage of life.

The continuum of care available via the Copeland/Crandall community allows us to meet unique needs of each resident without disrupting the quality of their care or the security of familiar surroundings.